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Brian O’Neill Client Testimonials

Brian, as Whitney and I reflect back on our experiences with our Telluride purchase it is a very positive experience. We have always appreciated your honesty, your knowledge of the market place and your high level of service. Even after our closing in April of this year, you still continue to help us find our way and get settled in the community. We look forward to continuing our relationship and seeing you over the holiday season in our new mountain home. Many thanks for your continued help.

Irene and Whitney Goit

Lloyd Neck, NY



WOW!! Thank YOU, you made the process so much easier and enjoyable for us, we really very much appreciate all your hard work and effort on our behalf!

Thanks to your help, we own a beautiful house and have made some new friends, what could be better? Thanks again Brian!

James Gould and Kristin Romann

Hamilton, Bermuda



You are a “super broker”! Your professional knowledge and your people skills are really what clients are seeking.

Deke and Lori Hunter

Portola Valley, CA



Marty Stetina Client Testimonials:

Laurel and I had a wonderful experience working with Brian and Marty when we were looking for a property in Telluride. They are extremely responsive and professional from the first call through to closing- even when communicating over multiple time zones. They know everything about the market and what will be of interest to you. Post closing, they are then incredibly welcoming to new residents to town. Really great people!

John Rafter

London, England


We had a fantastic experience working with Marty. He took time to get to know our family, and worked hard to understand our wish list for a Telluride home. He provided a wealth of data and personal insights on the local market to give us confidence as we navigated finding and bidding on the perfect home. We definitely recommend Marty to anyone looking for a personal buying experience with a true local expert.

 Mike Popek & Alana Karen

Palo Alto, CA



My wife and I are very fortunate to call Marty a trusted friend and advisor.  When we started looking at investing in Telluride, Marty guided us through the nuances of different market segments between Town and Mountain Village.  His work ethic and attention to detail are unparalleled.  We were able to purchase an investment property very well and then sold the investment a year later for profit.  We are excited to purchase again in Telluride and would highly recommend Marty to anyone looking to make their Telluride dreams come true.

John & Beth Novak

Darien, CT